Thursday, September 19, 2013

George Zimmerman, Back In the News: Are We Really Surprised?

It isn't as if George Zimmerman has shown the best judgment throughout his notariety.  If he made good choices, he wouldn't have found himself in the situation that resulted in Trayvon Martin's death. If he made good choices, Zimmerman wouldn't have been trying to deceive the trial court with his clandestine phone calls with wife Shellie regarding "Peter Pan."

It was bad enough that after his acquittal, Zimmerman visited the factory that manufactured guns like the one he killed Trayvon with and had himself photographed smiling in the factory. But are we now really surprised that a 911 call made by Shellie Zimmerman claimed Zimmerman threatened to pull his gun on his estranged wife and her father? It is only a matter of time before Zimmerman makes another poor choice that either lands him in jail or results in his death or the unnecessary death of another person.